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Where there is sensitive user data and proprietary information there is a persistent threat of criminal blackhat hackers. Companies lose over $400 Billion to hackers each year. Having your websites, apps and other digital properties tested by ethical hackers is very important. While technical hacking, social engineering and spearphishing attacks are difficult to prevent entirely, they can be made much more difficult for criminals by security audits and employee training. Schedule a security audit today and we will arm you, your networks and staff with easy to grasp security fundamentals that help keep hackers out.

What To Expect:

  • Deep manual and automated testing by security professionals with tools such as Burp Suite Pro, OpenVas, SQLMap, KaLi Linux and more
  • Best security practices that are easy for you and your employees to understand 
  • Lessening the risks of financial liability from cyber attacks through documented, proactive action taken
  • A custom tailored comprehensive report of our findings

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