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Will Your Law Firm be Dead in 5 Years? 

I don’t need to tell you about the problems racking your industry. 

You know that commodity services like LegalZoom are gobbling up clients who are demanding greater efficiency, predictability and affordability for legal services.

And let’s face it, most law firms are not responding to this massive threat. Don’t take my word for it…

The current challenge in the legal market is not that firms are unaware of the threat posed to their current business model by the dramatic shift in the demands and expectations of their clients. Instead… the challenge is that firms are choosing not to act in response to the threat, even though they are fully aware of its ramifications.  -Georgetown University 

Productivity numbers are down. Client expectations are rising. Fees are flat and falling. 

The law firms that are surviving are the ones that have implemented automation to give them the time to redesign their practice to conform to this new reality

The rest are the walking dead.

So, as you hustle to align your firm with this new reality, the last thing you need is to worry about your IT systems reliability, data compliance headaches, and hacker threats.  

Petronella Technology Group is familiar with the unique technology challenges of the legal industry. We know you need a predictable, consistent, compliant network that keeps data safe and allows your staff to stay productive, creative and oriented toward client satisfaction

Here’s how Petronella Helps Your Law Firm:

  • Ensure your law firm practice is aligned with compliance standards such as ISO27001 and SOX
  • Make sure software is properly integrated for maximum speed and reliability.
  • Protect your electronic resources.
  • Maintain your network so you can keep your peace of mind.

Petronella Technology Group, Inc. provides affordable, efficient solutions to meet your technology needs, ultimately increasing the productivity of your firm.

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Don’t let technology troubles keep your team from meeting deadlines and increasing billable time.

Petronella Technology Group is familiar with the unique technology challenges of the legal industry. To keep your law firm moving forward, you need a reliable network that keeps data safe, secure and private. To stay productive, your employees need round-the-clock access to their computer systems and straightforward retrieval of electronic files and research.

We understand your staff’s time and your firm’s resources are valuable. That’s why we hope you’re entrusting your IT network to the IT experts at Petronella Technology Group, Inc.


In the legal field, your staff and associates need to concentrate on their work – not the technology that makes it possible. Petronella Technology Group, Inc. takes care of your technology infrastructure and compliance needs so you can concentrate on growing your law firm.