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Unified Communications: Bringing your Business Closer

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For today’s business to thrive, communication is key, whether among co-workers, vendors, or customers. A more efficient user experience is Unified Communications (UC) - the integration of email, calendars, telephony, directory services and real-time communications in a unified interface. It provides a way to bring everything together and improve partnerships.

Petronella Computer Consultants wants your business to succeed. That’s why we believe UC offers many advantages for your company:

Financial- With UC, the two most important communication tools- email and telephony- can be managed as a single unit, resulting in long term cost savings. Also, hardware and software costs are typically decreased. Furthermore, UC allows the reduction of people who must come into an office, driving companies to rent less office space, which can reduce the cost of rent, taxes, power and related amenities.

Efficiency- A worker can be anywhere- at home, on the road, or at a client site- and be just as productive as when in the office. UC can also improve the speed of decision making, since an employee can receive calls or conduct instant messaging conversations just as if they were at their desk. A telephone number clicked in an email can open a soft phone client to initiate a call or the call can take place via a handset. Voicemails are delivered to the email inbox so that users can visually sort through them quickly based on time of delivery, caller, ECT.

Flexibility- For someone using UC, they can start a phone call from their desk phone and continue the call on a mobile as they walk away and out of the office. With this device, it means that you don’t need to tell the person you’ll call them back later, you can finish the task at hand.

All of these abilities are available from any location with an internet connection. The result is an easier-to-use communications infrastructure, a more capable and more available workforce, faster decision making and reduced IT costs.

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