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Not wearing tech yet? You probably will be soon.

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Until recently, if you thought about someone using wearable tech you'd probably think of Maxwell Smart, Dick Tracey or, if you were a little more advanced, Iron Man.  While wearable tech isn't mainstream yet, it's coming.

Google Glass hasn't taken off like iPads yet, but they're seeing increasing use in a number of fields, from health care to law enforcement, and it's expected that Google Glass will be revolutionizing more industries as they continue to catch on.  In that same vein, there are now motorcycle helmets that show rear view displays and even GPS overlays.

So far, the most popular technology people are wearing comes in the form of health monitors.  While a lot of people think they're only used during exercise to track things like your run or your heart rate, they can do things as simple as counting the steps you take in a day, and studies have shown that they increase productivity and promote healthy habits for workers who use them.

Of course, the most talked-about wearable tech right now is the Apple Watch, which is expected to sell up to 100 million units in its first year.  One big driver for the Apple Watch is Apple Pay, which allows users to swipes their device in order to pay for purchases.  Google's Android operating system seems geared up for making mobile payments as well, so it's expected that mobile payments will be a big driver in the adoption of wearing tech.

While it's doubtful that we'll be flying in armored suits any time soon, expect to see more and more people swiping their wrists or giving a nod to the registers in the checkout line going forward.  Where it goes from there, what technology we'll be wearing in a few year, we can only speculate.