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How to Pick an IT Provider

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Are you looking for an IT provider for the first time or think you might need to replace the one you've got now?  Here are eight things to consider when searching for an IT provider.

  • Is your IT company proactively looking for problems in your system?   
  • Are their solutions custom built for your specific industry and company?   
  • What are their contracts, fine print and termination fees really like?   
  • Check their customer service reviews, quality and quantity.   
  • What is their response time during an emergency like?   
  • Do they have the certifications to back it up?   
  • How to assess your current IT to see what you need   
  • Is your tech running as fast, quiet, and cool as it could be? 

Your IT assessment shouldn't end there.  There is, quite literally, a book on the matter, and you can get it, an actual book with pages (not an ebook) for free.  If you're responsible for choosing your company's IT provider, this book is an invaluable asset.  You can get it here.  No cost, no obligation, no strings attached.