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8 Master Excel Tricks

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Anybody who works with Excel knows spreadsheets can be tedious until you know what you’re doing. However, don’t worry because every Master starts out as a Padawan, so here are some tips and shortcuts to upgrade your Excel skill level to Jedi.

  1. Select an entire row or column – Use Shift + Spacebar to select an entire row or Ctrl + Spacebar for a column.
  2. Select your entire spreadsheet – Just like in Word you can press Ctrl + A to select the current table. If you press it twice, you can select the whole worksheet.
  3. Insert the Current Date – Rather than looking at your computer’s clock for the date and then typing it out, press Ctrl + ;. You can always have the current date by typing “=Today()”.
  4. Resize a column in two clicks – If you find that after entering information into columns, you’re no longer able to see it because they’re too small, highlight them, then double click to the right of the columns you want resized.
  5. Add more than one row or column at once – Highlight the same number of rows or columns you want to add, then right click and select insert.
  6. Add a new line within a cell – Pressing enter in a cell takes you to the next cell rather than giving you a new line within it. In order to add another line press Alt + Enter.
  7. Insert Comments – Pressing Shift + F2 will allow you to quickly add a comment to a particular cell.
  8. Make changes across multiple worksheets – Click on one tab, then press Ctrl and click on the tabs of the other sheets you want to group together. Changes on one sheet will make the same change on the other. To make changes to all your sheets rather than a selected few, right click on a tab and hit Select All Sheets.