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You Don't Know Ransomware

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According to research nearly half of all consumers have no idea what ransomware is. And nearly the same amount of people have no idea what would be encrypted if they were the victim of an attack. Many people think that if they unplugged their computer they could stop it. This is a little worrisome considering everyone’s favorite online retailer, Amazon, is being used in brand new wave of ransomware.

According to Comodo Threat Research labs, there has been a surge in phishing emails from a phony Amazon email address. Originating from the email has the subject “Your order has dispatched (#code)", but doesn’t actually contain a message. Instead there is just a Microsoft Word attachment containing macro coding. The victims are tricked into enabling the content of the document, which then downloads the Locky strain of ransomware.

Having been around for ten years, ransomware has turned into an epidemic. In order to better protect yourself from being taken advantage of by ransomware, download the free Ransom Protection Checklist or sign up to receive it by mail. If you find that you might be at risk, schedule a free 10 minute Ransomware Safety Review.