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FBI: Pay the Ransom

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Ransomware has become so prevalent and difficult to deal with that even the FBI is basically saying that victims like hospitals and businesses should just go ahead and pay up. As it turns out, the damage done by losing your files and starting over from back-ups is actually more expensive that the ransom itself.

A recent study surveying 300 IT professionals has now proven this to be true. For a large organization, it could take days to get full access to back-up files and the larger number of user and customers will add time to that, so it doesn’t take long for an organization’s expenses to start adding up exponentially.

Recently a California hospital was locked out of their system for 10 days before they ultimately decided to pay a $17,000 ransom to the hackers. Think about all the money they lost over those 10 days. According to the study, 42% of respondents work for a company that had been the victim of ransomware. Of those, 72% were unable to access their files for two or more days and 32% couldn’t access them for more than five.

That’s a lot of downtime to not only be unable to access customer account information, but to not have access to email or other communications done via computer. If you think you might be at risk for being taken advantage of by ransomware, download the free Ransom Protection Checklist or sign up to receive it by mail. If you find that you might be at risk, schedule a free 10 minute Crypto-Locker Safety Review.