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The Cryptolocker Virus: The Growing Threat for 2014

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The Cryptolocker Ransomware is very different from the types of malicious programs we are used to seeing. In case you don’t already know, Ransomware is a kind of malware or virus that a hacker (and let's call them criminals because that is what they are) installs on your computer to prevent you from using it and accessing your important data. They then demand payment to allow you back in. It’s extortion and it is very real.

How is it spreading?

It appears that the Cryptolocker virus is spreading through fake emails that appear to be from familiar businesses. Common emails associated with the Cryptolocker download are disguised as UPS and FedEx delivery notifications or coming from banks and financial institutions.

You will know you have been infected when you see a banner displayed on your screen with a countdown timer and a message requesting payment for access to your files. If you see this message you should immediately disconnect the infected computers from all networks to prevent further spread of the virus.

It is important that you then call a computer security expert to assist in removing the virus and restoring your data. Our staff at Petronella Technology Group, Inc. are experts at mitigating the damage of these viruses and preventing future attacks. Call us at 919-355-5545 immediately if you are a victim of this cruel attack.

The future of malware is here

Overall the Cryptolocker virus had devastating effects since its inception in September of 2013. There have been thousands of computers infected in just a few months which have created millions of dollars for the criminals responsible for the attacks.

Security experts believe that this time next year, the Cryptolocker Virus will be a household name. There have been reports of criminals on underground networks developing “kits” so that anyone could launch a similar attack with little to no technical knowledge.

Contact Petronella Technology Group, Inc. today to find out how are Managed IT Security Services will monitor your system and prevent malicious programs from attacking your business. In fact, if you are ever infected with the Cryptolocker Ransomware while on this protection, we will work for free to clean it off AND even pay the ransom! Visit or call us at 919-355-5545.