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Your Health Practice is in Danger

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Your healthcare or medical practice is in danger, and you likely don’t even know it.  Any random thief can endanger you for no more than $100 while costing you millions.

It records everything you do on any device, from computers to laptops to smart phones (iPhone or Android) and tablets, capturing the logins and passwords for all your accounts no matter how strong and secure your network is.

You might have a mighty IT army with a million dollar budget, but they can't keep your safe.   You might think your IT guy, department, provider or EMR system can keep you safe.  They can’t either.  You think, “It won’t happen to me,” or “We’re just a small practice, so why would anyone target us?”  You’re exactly the victim they're looking for.

Do any of your employees visit websites or open emails?  Do you have hardware and software installed on your network?  Do you ever watch online videos or download files?  If the answer to any of those is yes, it might already be on your network, going undetected by your firewall and antivirus software. 

The same kind of attack cost large companies in the hundreds of millions, including Anthem, who was hit for over $100 million.  It can lead to identity theft, endangering your patients.

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