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Yemen Hacked Saudi Arabia

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Yemen's Cyber Army has been placed on a list of active threats, not just to Saudi Arabai, whom they recently hacked, but to all Gulf Cooperation Countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

This announcement follows news that a group hacked into the Saudi foreign ministry and leaked a ton of documents, including over a million visa applications and passport information for people from many different countries, including the United States.  The group, claiming to be the Yemen Cyber Army, announced that they have more sensitive information and that more will be leaked in the near future.  They also claimed responsibility for hacking Saudi Arabia's daily newspaper's website a few weeks ago.

Little is known about the Yemen Cyber Army.  They were mentioned on Iran's state=sponsored Press TV.  They also claim to be allied with the hacktivist group Anonymous.  Their goal seems to be to get Saudi Arabia to stop bombing their country, which has been going on as Saudi Arabia has been fighting Yemen's Huthi rebels.