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Windows, Flash and Java Critical Updates

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There are a lot of big updates form some big names today, and you should probably get on getting them all.

First up is Adobe, who released an update for Flash Player that fixes a couple dozen flaws, including one that is already being exploited by hackers.  The Flash update should be applied to both Windows and Mac users.  Google released up update for Chrome that addresses this issue as well.  As always, remember to untick the box prompting you to install any unwanted additional software when you do this update.

Next up is Microsoft, who released fixes for a couple dozen more bugs in Windows and various other software.  Four of the fixes are designated "critical" which means hackers and/or malware can do their dirty work without users knowing it by, for example, doing things like visiting infected websites.  These critical updates are specifically for Internet Explorer and Office.

Then finally there's a Java update form Oracle that fixes 15 bugs, each one of which can be exploited remotely by hackers and malware without any sort of authentication from the user.  Oracle releases updates quarterly, so you should update Java as soon as you can.  In fact, as we've suggested before, if you don't have a specific need for Java you should just uninstall it from your computer altogether.