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When the US and the UK Attacked the European Union

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Regin, the not-so-new newly discovered malware that we now know has been infecting systems since 2008, was used by American and British spy agencies to snoop on Belgium and infected European Union systems.  All this comes from documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the contractor who released classified NSA documents.

Symantic, who discovered the malware over the weekend, described it as "an advanced spying tool" that "displays a degree of technical competence rarely seen and has been used in spying operations against governments, infrastructure, operators, businesses, researchers and private individuals."

Regin is a Trojan program with multiple hidden and encrypted stages, each of which provides only partial information.  The malware can be tailored and can give remote access, screenshots, password capturing, traffic monitoring and recovery of deleted files.

While the sophistication of the malware pointed to it being created by some nation state, the culprit could only be speculated over the weekend, but documents leaked by Snowden named Belgium's Belgacom, a telecom company as a victim of a malware attack by the United States and the United Kingdom.  The malware used was never disclosed, but the leaked papers speak of "Operation Socialist" wherein Belgacom was hacked by targeting engineers through a spoofed LinkedIn page.  One of Belgacom's clients include the European Commission and the European Parliament.