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Was the National Archives Hacked Too?

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Three computers at the National Archives showed signs that they had malware similar to the recent devastating OPM breach.  Files matching some of the malware in the previous attack were detected on the Archives' system.

After the OPM attack, the Department of Homeland Security sent data to other departments.  This is the information that set up warnings for the National Archives and Records Administration.  The files were immediately reported to US-CERT, where they were deemed to be legitimate files.

In other words, the NARA is in the clear and was not breached, but it was a scare for a little bit there.  As a precaution though, the three computers with the suspect files were formatted and given new software before being put into use again.

The National Archives has electronic records of tons of information including scanned documents, emails and classified military documents.  Cracks the NARA would have been another huge blow to US cybersecurity.