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VTech Hack: Kids and Parents

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VTech, maker of electronic children's toys and gadgets, was hacked last month.  The hacker was able to not only get personal data of kids and their parents, but pictures and chat logs as well.

Many of VTech's toys connect to the internet.  Popular products include tablets designed for children.  Parents can put an app on their phone to chat with their kids through the tablet and VTech encourages parents and kids to take pictures of themselves for the apps.  This allows parens and kids to text and send voice recordings to each other.  All of this information was stored on VTech's servers.  Security experts have questioned why all of this information was stored on VTech's servers.

The hacker reported having access to over 4.8 million names, addresses, emails and passwords of parents and the names, birthdays and genders of over 200,000 kids.  Over 190 gigabytes of photos were included in the hack.  While the hacker has said there is no intention to share or sell the information, almost 4,000 images were shared for verification.

Taking all the information together, one could easily find out the names and addresses of the parents and kids.  Having their pictures along with that information makes this hack a particularly scary one.

VTech has taken down several websites and services until their security can be updated.