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The Treasure Trove of a Hacked Computer

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"There's nothing a hacker would want on my computer anyway."  That's something we hear now and then when people are dismissive of making sure their computers are secure.  Is it true though?  Even if you don't do online shopping, banking or tax filing, there's still plenty of information a hacker could steal from your computer.  Here's a list things cybercriminals are willing to buy or exploit that they can get from a hacked computer and how they can use them.

  • Account information
    • Fake eBay auctions
    • Encryption certificates
    • FTP access
    • Gaming credentials
    • Skype or other VoiP access
  • Bots
    • Anonymous proxies
    • CAPTCHA processing
    • Click fraud
    • DDoS attacks
    • Spam 
  • Email
    • Contact harvesting
    • Corporate information
    • Scams
    • Spam
  • Financial info
    • Bank account info
    • Credit card theft
    • Mutual fund account
    • Stock trading
  • Hostage taking
    • Antivirus spoofing
    • Email ransom
    • Ransomware
    • Webcam extortion
  • Social networks
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
  • Web servers
    • Child porn
    • Malware downloads
    • Phishing
    • Spam
    • Warez
  • Virtual products
    • Game licenses
    • Operating system licenses
    • Online gaming characters
    • Online gaming goods

Yes, criminals are willing to pay for information on your computer or access to its processing power.  You may think you have nothing valuable on your computer, but don't underestimate what a hacker can do with what you consider to be "nothing".