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Thousands of Apps Vulnerable to Hacks

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Thousands of iOS apps for iPhones and iPads are vulnerable to hacking thanks to a popular networking software used in many apps.

The software, AFNetworking, is a bit of open-source code used in over 20,000 apps. Fortunately, the buggy version is only used in about 5% of those apps.  The problem lies in its inability to properly use a secure url.  While this wouldn't allow an app to send your info to the public, a hacker could easily trick the app to sending your data without encryption.

Uber is one very popular app that was found to be vulnerable.  You can find if any of the apps you use are vulnerable here.  If they are, it's best to stop using the app until an update is released and to change any passwords for good measure.  You'll also want to monitor upcoming credit card statements for any fraudulent charges.