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A Third Adobe Flash Vulnerability Revealed by Hacking Team Breach

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We reported this morning that Adobe was releasing an extra update to address a second zero-day vulnerability revealed in Flash by the Hacking Team document leaks.  And now there's been a third.

With hundreds of gigabytes of stolen data leaked, there may even be more to come.  Adobe is already working on an update for the two existing and exploitable vulnerabilities, but now they've got a third, so make sure to apply every Flash update you receive from Adobe.

Of course, you could just disable it.  Flash was once almost a necessity for web browsing, running video games, videos, photo galleries and all kinds of animation on websites.  The advent of the iPhone and its insistence on not using Flash, however, has greatly decreased the use of it.  Even YouTube changed all of their videos from Flash.  Facebook is even asking Adobe to phase it out.

Really, unless you're playing browser games, there's not a whole lot of reason to have Flash installed anymore, so just disabling it might be a good course of action.