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Tax Fraud at Seagate

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After we ran an article warning of the dangers of W-2 Spoofing a couple weeks ago, it appears hackers have been busy. Recently, there have been security breaches at several major companies including Snapchat, Alaskan ISP, telecom provider CGI, and Seagate Technology, which specializes in data storage.

An employee at Seagate was fooled by a phony email phishing scam into giving out the W-2 information out on all current and former employees. Included in the information given to the scammers was names, Social Security numbers, salaries, and other personal and financial information. As we have noted previously, this is especially prized information to hackers who then file a W-2 in a victim’s name in order to get a refund back.

While Seagate declined to respond to requests for an exact number of victims, they were willing to admit it was several thousand, though less than 10,000. As a way to make it up to those affected, Seagate is offering to enroll employees in two year credit monitoring service.

Unfortunately for anyone who had their information stolen, this doesn’t do anything to stop them from being the victim of W-2 Spoofing and Tax Refund fraud. Given the nature of the attack and the type of information stolen, this is likely the original purpose of the attack.