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Target and Home Depot Hackers Strike Again

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First they stole debit and credit cards from Target and Home Depot.  More recently they struck two online airport parking services, Park N Fly and One Stop Parking.  Now they've hit Book 2 Park, another parking service.

As we reported recently, two parking services were recently hacked, having their customers' credit cards stolen and put up for sale online.  It turns out that these hackers were also involved in the security breach that compromised the data of Target and Home Depot customers as well.  And just last week, another batch of credit and debit card information was linked back to another parking service, Book 2 Park.

Book 2 Park was unaware of the breach, but said that their IT security company had recently detected and removed malware on their servers.  It's unknown if there is any particular reason the hackers have been targeting online parking services of late.