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Stolen ISIS Data

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An ISIS defector has leaked an Edward Snowden-style treasure trove intelligence information about the terrorist organization. Hidden on a USB drive inside his child’s diaper, the insider has turned over data that includes the personal information of 22,000 fighters.

Sky News, German Intellligence, and Syrian opposition newspapers are reporting the data includes names, hometowns, phone numbers, and even blood types of ISIS fighters, all of which was found on forms they filled out when signing up for the terrorist organization. It is believed this represents, the bulk of ISIS membership as their numbers have dropped significantly from 31,000 just three months ago. It also includes known ISIS recruits such as former rapper Abdel Bary and hacker Junaid Hussain, the latter of which was killed in a drone strike a last year.

The pieces are just starting to be put together, but if the data is as accurate as it seems, then this could prove invaluable to both investigators and prosecutors. Not only will analysts comb through the information for evidence of ISIS recruiters within countries like the US, they will look at the forms to see what counties recruits visited in order to map out routes they took in joining ISIS.

This kind of intelligence breach into ISIS is unusual as they have proven difficult to infiltrate both physically and digitally by Western espionage techniques. It will take time to discern how truly important this information is.