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The Secret of the Boarding Pass Barcode

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Do you toss your old boarding passes in the trash?  You'd be better off tossing them in the shredder.

Most of us don't give it a second thought, but boarding passes contain barcodes and QR codes, which contain a lot more information about you than you realize.  

There's a free website out there on the web that will allow you to upload an image of a barcode or QR code and give you the information contained therein.  It includes your name and other personally identifiable information, frequent flyer information and what flight the ticket is associated with.  

Using that information, one could then access airline accounts, which will let someone find out your future flights associated with the frequent flyer miles  An identity thief would then also have information about anyone who might have booked the flight for you, change your seats or even cancel future flights.

So next time you think of posting a picture of your boarding pass online or just tossing it in the trash, you might want to consider making it a little harder for identity thieves to get your information.