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Russian Hackers Breach DNC

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Hackers working for the Russian government have infiltrated the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and had access to their files for around one year. The hackers got into information on Democratic candidates as well as all opposition research on Donald Trump. Fortunately no personal, financial, or donor data had been stolen or accessed.

In April, cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike was called in after the DNC noticed suspicious activity to install software to monitor and analyze the activity in order to determine who was responsible. CrowdStrike discovered that there was not one but two separate groups who accessed DNC systems and neither coordinated with the other. The first they called Cozy Bear, got in sometime last summer and had been monitoring communications, including email and chat. The second they named Fancy Bear had been the one who alerted DNC officials and accessed the opposition research.

The opposition files that were accessed consisted mostly of collections of news stories, video clips, and court documents. While it would take someone some time to compile that much information, none of it, including the information on Trump, wasn’t freely available to anyone on libraries and databases across the country.