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Routers Hacked with Default Password

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Everyone knows you should change the default password on pretty much everything, right? Well here's a new reason to make sure you change the password on your router.

Phishing spam emails have been sent out over the past few weeks that look like late notices.  Once a person clicks the link, code in hidden iframes on the page attempt to log into the unsuspecting victim's router using the default admin credentials.  If successful, and many attempts are because so few people update their router credentials, a script modifies the DNS settings on the router so that the attacker's DNS are the primary ones.  

What this means is that a hacker can then hijack the victim's visit to any website and redirect them somewhere else, including pages designed to look like the site the victim was trying to get to in order to get the victim's information, from passwords to credit cards and more.  The plot is even more insidious than it sounds as such an attack bypasses ordinary security measures, such as antivirus programs and firewalls.

If you haven't learned by now that it is of the utmost importance to update your passwords and credentials, this should be another reminder.  So go do it now if you haven't already.