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Return of Cryptolocker

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Like a villain in a superhero movie, the notorious ransomeware known as Cryptolocker has returned.

We first discussed Cryptolocker a few months ago,and since then it's fallen off a bit as companies have protected against it and found ways to fix it.  A new strain of the malware has been popping up though, and just like your favorite bad guy, it's bigger and tougher than before.

The encryption in the old version of Cryptolocker was a weak point, which allowed IT security companies to recover files.  The new version has ramped up its encryption, and so far only the encryption key from the attacker is able to unlock your captive files.

The best advice we can give you is to make sure to back your files up regularly and, of course, make sure you don't click email links if you aren't completely sure the email is legit and stay off of questionable websites.