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North Korea's Deadly Hackers

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The BBC recently reported that North Korea's military has about 6000 trained hackers.  Their skills could cripple an enemy nation's infrastructure or even kill people.

Says former North Korean computer science professor Kim Heung-Kwang, "Their cyberattacks could have similar impacts as military attacks, killing people and destroying cities."  He says that their cyber army has grown significantly and that they have malware based on Stuxnet that has been developed specifically to bring down a city.

Others think that Kim's dire warnings are overblown, but North Korea did cause a lot of fuss for Sony Pictures over the release of "The Interview" last year and South Korean computer security investigators have discovered that North Korea was also behind hacking attempts that led to data leaks in South Korean hyrdo and nuclear power plants.  If North Korea were able to access the computers of nuclear power plants, the damage could be catastrophic.