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New Support Call Scam

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Scammers have be conning unsuspecting users with phony tech support calls from Microsoft, Apple or your ISP for a while now. There’s a new wrinkle to this scam involving fake websites for major IT security companies like McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky and more.

The way it works is criminals build identical websites to the ones used by trusted companies, then using sketchy SEO tricks they get moved up the list on search engine results. Consequently victims are led to believe they are going to the legitimate website, but they are not.

Once there they are tricked into thinking they need a software update, but when they try to download it a message pops up telling them they have something wrong with their computer and need to call an 800 number to fix it. Once the scammers have a victim on the phone, they tell the victim they need remote access and their credit card information in order to fix the phony problem.

As a rule, make sure a website is real before you give any personal information to it. The same goes for 800 numbers. Criminal organizations have call centers set up just for these types of scams. Generally only call a toll free number if it comes from somewhere you trust like a bank statement, credit card, or order confirmation. And never call a number that comes to you unsolicited like in an email or a pop up on a website. Use common sense and only give out personal information if you’re the one who initiated contact.