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Microsoft Anti-Surveillance Website Hacked

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The issue of the government's rights to spy on ordinary citizens has been a big one since the Snowden leaks a few years ago.  Microsoft made their stance known via a website that got hacked recently.

It's since been fixed, but text had been injected above the header of the website advertising online gambling.  The website is built in the popular content management system WordPress, but it was on version 4.0.5, which is just over a year old.  The current version is 4.2.2.  This underscores the importance of keeping everything up to date, which we wrote about just yesterday.  WordPress even has plugins to help keep everything up to date automatically, and Microsoft would have been wise to take such an action,

It's not likely that the Digital Constitution website was specifically targeted.  More likely a hacker stumbled upon a vulnerability and exploited it.  They probably didn't even know what the site was, as attacks like this are not uncommon.