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Marriott Hacked

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Several financial institutions are reporting fraud on credit cards and debit cards that were used at Marriott properties across the nation that are run by White Lodging Services Corporation.

It was discovered just over a year ago that malware had been installed on cash registers in food and beverage outlets at 14 different locations across the country.  That breach went undetected for nine months.  This latest breach, discovered late last month, appears to involve many of the same locations as the last hack.  These include hotels in Louisville, Kentucky; Indianapolis, Indiana; Bedford Park, Illinois; Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado.  If you stayed in a Marriott in any of those locations, make sure to check your credit card statements for suspicious activity and contact your credit or debit card issuer immediately if you find anything.

White Lodging said they have contacted a security firm to look into the reports, but state that they have found no evidence of a security breach so far.  They also list a number of security measures and procedures they have instituted since the previous hack.