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Malware on Up to 95% of Androids

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Stagefright, the worst vulnerability in the history of mobile operating systems, is back and possibly infecting 95% of Android devices.

This new version, also being called Metaphor, lures users to a hacker’s website, where there is a malicious multimedia file. Once this file is opened, it infects their phone forcing it to reset and sending personal information to hackers. With total control over the device, hackers can copy data and even take control of the camera and microphone.

Despite Stagefright existing in many versions of Android it was deemed impractical to exploit since the OS has taken strides to cut down on these types of exploits. Unfortunately, Northbit, an Israeli security firm, have been able to use Metaphor to take over a Nexus 5 handset in 10 seconds and has tested the technique on a Galaxy S5, HTC One, and LG G3.

Mobile security research firm, Zimperium, first found vulnerabilities in Android’s media playback software in July 2015. However, a Google spokesman said that any device running a security patch later that October 1, 2015 is protected. So make sure your devices are up to date. Also, any device running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later should be protected.