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Macs Aren't Safer than PCs Anymore

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Apple's Macintosh computers have long been known for being less prone to viruses and cyberattacks than Windows PCs.  In the last year, however, Macs have suffered more cyberattacks than in the last half decade combined.

Were Macs ever really less hackable than PCs?  No, not really.  The truth is that if you're a hacker, you're going to be better off going after the more popular operating system, which has historically been Windows.  Macs, however, have been gaining in popularity over the last few years, making it worthwhile for hackers to start targeting Macs more.

A team of cybersecurity experts recently released a report that showed a huge increase in malware on Macs in 2015.  The number was actually five times greater for the year so far than it was from 2010 to 2014 combined.  In that time, Macs have not only seen a rise in home computing, but in enterprises as well.  Macs now comprise 16.4% of the market.

So if you're a Mac owner who has been sitting back on your cyberlaurels, content that you were safe from hackers, what do you do now?  Macs include a program called Gatekeeper that runs in the background, but you should also make sure to install and keep up to date some antivirus software.