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Looking into the Noodles & Co. Hack

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Last week Wendy’s acknowledged a data breach that affected 300 of its locations, now the fast-casual restaurant chain Noodles & Company is experiencing a similar problem. Multiple financial institutions have noticed a pattern of fraudulent charges linked to credit cards that were uses at several of the chain’s 500 different stores between January 2016 and now. In an attempt to find the source of the breach, Noodles & Company have hired an outside investigator to look into the claims.

While there is still questions about how the attacks started, it appears hackers remotely installed malware using social engineering or security weaknesses. Once the malicious software was installed, criminals were able to read credit card information as customers were swiping their cards in real time.

While it has been slow to roll out, many US banks and retailers have been transitioning to more secure chip-based credit cards. Unfortunately, most cards still hold all that information in plain text on the magnetic strip since many retailers have yet to install chip readers. Noodles & Company are in the process of installing chip-based readers at their restaurant locations.