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Lenovo Accused of Preinstalling Malware on Laptops

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Lenovo laptops come with software called Superfish pre-installed on them.  Some users are describing it as malware.

Superfish is described as software that helps users find products and lead them to similar or the same products with special offers or lower prices.  In practice, it displays intrusive ads on pages like Google, and while it can be removed by formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows, consumers generally expect to be able to use a new computer out of the box.

To make matters worse, Superfish is reported to impersonate the security certificates of encrypted websites in order to deliver its ads..  This can compromise the secure information passed through these sites, such as passwords and banking information.  Many antivirus programs classify Superfish as adware or a trojan virus.

Lenovo's response is that it has removed Superfish until Superfish is able to address the more alarming aspects of its program.