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The Latest Updates for Flash and Windows

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This week, Microsoft released patches for Internet Explorer, Skype and Windows while Adobe released security updates for Flash Player, the third time this month they've done so.

The Microsoft patch fixes about two dozen vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer that allow your computer to be hacked if you merely visit an infected website.  Another patch fixes a vulnerability in Microsoft's newer browser, Edge.  Several Microsoft Office vulnerabilities are fixed in this recent patch as well.  About a quarter of these patches are labeled as critical, meaning they can be exploited without any help from the user.  Four of them have already been publicly disclosed, meaning that hackers ar probably already working on ways to exploit them.

As you may get tired of hearing, you should probably go ahead and discontinue using Adobe Flash Player.  Eight of the top ten vulnerabilities in current exploit kits feature Adobe Flash Player. 

Adobe's patch this week fixes almost a score of vulnerabilities in Flash Player as well as in AIR.