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Harbortouch is the Latest Hacked POS

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Harbortouch, a point-of-sale maker based in Allentown, PA, announced that a "small number" of its bar and restaurant customers were infected by malware, allowing hackers to steal credit card information, but some say Harbortouch is downplaying the seriousness of the breach.

Leading up to the announcement, financial industry insiders speculated that something was up with one credit card processor or another.  The telltale sign of this is when banks report an increase in fraudulent charges without being able to trace it back to one source.

One credit card company reported that this breach has affected over 4200 Heattouch customers around the country.  For their part, Harbortouch said that within hours of detecting the breach, they were able to find and remove the malware from their systems.

So with all the point-of-sale hacks going on around the United States lately, how do you make sure to avoid having your credit card credentials stolen next time you go out to eat?  The only 100% sure ways to avoid it is to use cash.  Or you could just not go out to bars or restaurants.