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FTC Settlement with Oracle

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A couple weeks ago, the FTC reached a settlement with Oracle relating to outdated and insecure versions of Java.  

Java, which Oracle bought five years ago and is installed on about 850 million computers, is used to run applications on computers.  It's not used nearly as much as it used to be and has become a major security issue, as hacked versions of it allow hackers to implant malware on a computer and steal data.

The Federal Trade Commission sued Oracle for failing to remove old versions of Java.  The Java update program added the new software, but failed to remove the older, vulnerable versions.  This issue has been known at least since Oracle bought Java, but nothing has been done to remedy the situation that left millions of computers vulnerable to cyberattacks.

There's now a webpage on the Java website that will help uninstall old versions of the software.  It's highly recommended that you go here to check it out if you're not 100% certain that you don't have Java installed on your computer.