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Eddie Bauer Hacked

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Eddie Bauer has become the most recent retailer to be the victim of compromised point-of-sale systems. The clothing chain has removed malware from the PoS systems at all of its 350 stores in North America. Anyone who used a credit card at one of these locations in the first six months of this year runs the risk of having had their data stolen.

Several investigators working to stop fraud at several US financial institutions, began to notices a trend on customer credit cards that all had been used at Eddie Bauer locations. The patter of fraud went as far back as January 2016.

With help from the FBI and an outside forensic firm, the retailer was able to remove the malware from its locations in the United States and Canada. Eddie Bauer believes that the infected systems had the ability to steal credit card numbers from any transaction made at their stores between January 2 and July 17 of 2016.

The company made it clear that no purchases made on their online store were affected. Eddie Bauer has offered the seemingly obligatory identity protection to anyone who used a credit card or made a return at one of their stores during this time period.