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Why Do Hackers Target Healthcare Data?

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A recent report showed that 98% of data breaches in 2015 were caused by hackers, which is an 80% increase.  There were 111 million victims from the 56 breaches, almost double the number of breaches from the previous year.  What is it about healthcare data that is so appealing to hackers?

The easy answer is that healthcare information contains a wealth of personal information: Social Security numbers, birth dates and other medical record data.  All of this information is extremely valuable on the Internet black market.  To put it in perspective, run-of-the-mill compromised personal information sells for an average of just over $150.  Stolen healthcare information goes for over $360.

Another difference for identity thieves is that credit card issuers can void fraudulent transactions.  Stolen credit card information is also (usually) quickly disclosed to the victims.  Healthcare information, on the other hand, is not as quickly discovered, taken care of or as easily fixed.

If your organization is bound by HIPAA regulations, making sure your patient data is secure is of the utmost importance.  Contact us to review your data security and HIPAA compliance today.