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Did Russia Steal Your Tax Return?

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Over 100,000 tax returns were stolen due to compromised data recently, and the IRS believes the theft came from Russia.

The IRS announced recently that hackers tied to organized crime syndicates in Russia used personal data stolen form other sources to file tax returns, pocketing $50 million in the process.  The hackers attempted to defraud 200,000 accounts, but only got away with half of them.

Problems with fraudulent tax filings are nothing new with the IRS.  In fact, a recent report shows that computer security has been the top issue for the IRS with the problem going back to 1997.

Republican Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orin Hatch wants to bring John Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner, in before the committee to find out how such a major breach happened and who is to blame.

This announcement comes on the heels of a disclosure that Russian hackers have also recently infiltrated the computer systems of the State Department and the White House.  Those with affected accounts will be notified and offered free credit monitoring.