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Did Leap Second Bring Down Netflix and Pinterest?

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Netflix, Pinterest and a number of other apps and websites were down last night for just over 40 minutes.  Did the leap second actually blow up the internet?

The dashboard for Amazon Web Services, or AWS, which reports disruptions like the ones seen last night, was down too.  The problem was not, however, the dreaded and little-known leap second.  Instead, it was Amazon Web Services itself, which released the following statement:

"We are currently monitoring an external Internet provider issue that is causing interrupted service connectivity to AWS services for some customers. AWS services are not affected and continue to operate normally."

AWS initially said its services were not affected, though a posting on Hacker News said it had something to do with an Amazon server.  Not all users were affected by the outage, but quite a few were.

A statement was later released saying that, in short, an ISP had accepted routes for some AWS addresses improperly and these routes propagated to other ISPs, causing an issue with users being able to access things on AWS.