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Cybercriminals Exploiting Orlando Tragedy

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To cybercriminals, tragedies can be gold mines.

Enter scams exploiting the Orlando tragedy.

These heartless criminals are trolling potential victims with phishbait ranging from blood drives to donation requests on behalf of the victims (or their family members). There are even scam emails promoting exclusive information, including SMARTPHONE VIDEOS of the mass murder.

We recommend that you tell your friends, family members and employees about this scam ASAP. Here are ways to avoid being scammed:

Do not open any email you receive about the Orlando shootings. This includes anything regarding donations, blood drives, “inside” information or “exclusive” videos.

If you do get tricked into opening an email, do NOT open any attachments. It could cause your computer to crash or even compromise your entire business.

If the email was forwarded by a friend, it is important that you still be wary; their account could have been hacked.

If you do want to donate, do so by typing the name of a trusted organization into your browser. DO NOT click on any links in emails or on social media.

It is awful that there are people out there exploiting such terrible tragedies. But be vigilant, and make sure you spread the word quickly, especially to your employees. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more tips or assistance getting the word out.