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Credit Card Skimmers at Walmart

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Credit card skimmers have been found at the self-checkout lanes in some Walmart stores in Fort Wright, Kentucky and Fredericksburg, Virginia. The skimmers are designed to be installed quickly and lay over payment solutions company Ingenico’s card readers. Retailing for between $200 and $300, the devices captures a victim’s PIN with a phony keypad and records their credit card data when they swipe. While there is a spot to insert chip-based cards, the skimmer doesn’t have the ability to read them.

Last year, Walmart started asking customers with credit cards that used the chip technology to use that reader as opposed to swiping them. Most card skimmers read a victim’s data off their card’s magnetic strip, due to it being more difficult and expensive for them to crack the chip technology.

Unfortunately the United States is the last of the G20 countries to change over to chip based credit cards. Close to 40% of credit cards still don’t utilize this technology with even fewer debit cards doing so. Even if every credit card had a chip in it, only 20% of US card terminals have been activated to accept cards with chips. Consequently, 2016 looks to be a record year for hacking based credit card fraud, with losses reaching around $4 billion.