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Controversial New Chinese Cyberspace Law

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A new law passed in China last week that tightens the government's control on the Internet has international businesses and world leaders concerned.

China says they law is an attempt to address what they call growing threats to their national security and their networks, as they claim to be a major target for hacking attempts.

The new law replaces an older one that focused mainly on counter-espionage.  It is pretty vague in its wording and covers a range of things, including culture, economics, the environment, finance, the military, technology and more.  There is a focus on fighting ideological subversion and strengthening Internet management in a country already known for being restrictive in the information it allows online.  It further seeks to protect against the theft of government and corporate secrets.

Exactly how China intends to reach all these goals is not specifically spelled out in the law.

China is suspected of being behind a recent major cyberattack against the US government that resulted in the theft of personal information of 14 million federal employees, contractors and potential employees.