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Clinton Foundation Hacked by Russian DNC Hackers?

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It’s being reported that the Clinton Foundation has hired cybersecurity firm FireEye to go over its systems after noticing signs that they may have been the victim of a Russian hack. Security official say the perpetrators used spear phishing techniques that were similar to the ones used in the hacks on the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the DNCs congressional fundraising committee. Additionally, it’s likely the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign have been breached as well.

The hackers created phony emails and websites in order to get access to staffer’s email and ultimately to the Clinton Foundation. While these may the same social engineering attacks used by Russian intelligence in the hacks against other Democratic groups, Russia is denying all allegations.

So far no documents have been released, there are some within the party that are worried there could be emails that reinforce the Republican claim that donors to the Clinton Foundation were granted special access while she was Secretary of State.