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China Reading Obama Administration's Emails

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Cyberspies from China have had access to a number of top Obama administration officials' emails since at least 2010.  The attack has been called Dancing Panda or Legion Amethyst. 

A top secret NSA briefing from last year, recently obtained by NBC News, reveals that Chinese spies have had access to personal emails of "many" administration officials since 2010.  They still had access at the time of the briefing and they still have access now.  Government-issued email accounts, however, were not compromised.

The Chinese hackers did not stop at administrators' private emails, however.  They also went after security and trade advisors and went so far as to exploit social networks and send malware to contacts in the address books of the compromised email accounts.

The time period coincides with Hilary Clinton's time as Secretary of State.  Now a Democratic presidential nominee, she has been facing scrutiny for using personal email addresses while Secretary of State.  The names of the officials who were targeted have not been revealed, but Edward Snowden's leaked documents say that China attempted to hack the emails of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and the Chief of Naval Operations.

NBC News also reported in 2013 that China tried to spy on the emails of then-Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain during their presidential bids.  It is known that some of McCain's personal emails were compromised.