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China Arrests OPM Hackers

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Xinhuanet, the state-run news agency of China, recently announced that they caught and arrested the hackers behind the massive cyberattack on the US's Office of Personnel Management that compromised the personal data of millions of Americans.

China has maintained that the Chinese government was not behind the breach, though many Americans were and remain skeptical.  The hackers were reportedly arrested in September, shortly before Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the United States.

The US and China have experienced tense relations over the massive amount of cybersecurity threats perpetrated on the American government and businesses over the past few years.  China has maintained that the cyberattacks are not state-sponsored, though many believe that China does train and employ an army of hackers.  Even if the OPM hackers were not directly answerable to the Chinese government, it's not out of the realm of possibility that the government bought the data exposed by the attack.

If indeed the United States suffered its largest and most embarrassing cyberattack at the hands of ordinary citizen hackers, that will add another level of shame to the event.

Some speculate that the people arrested in this instance are sacrificial sheep to ease tensions between the world's two largest economic powers.