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Change Your Plex Password ASAP

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Plex's servers were hacked.  If you've ever used their forum, or even set up a forum account, you should change your password immediately.

Plex is a popular multimedia server.  It allows you to stream videos, music and images from one computer to other computers or devices, even smart TVs.  It's some of the most popular media steaming software out there.

The Plex forum was hacked earlier today, and Plex notified users immediately.  While only the forum was hacked, if you have an account for the message board, even if you never actually used it other than to browse discussions, it's suggested that you change it, particularly if you use the same information for the server software itself.  Plex did assure users that the forum is on a separate server from the one that holds account and credit card information.

According to Plex, the hacker was able to gain access to private forum messages, IP addresses, email addresses and passwords.