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CEO using Microsoft Office 365 email hacked

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If you use Microsoft Office 365 and think your safe from hackers, think again. We just learned of a hacker breaking into the CEO's email account, sending emails as the CEO and authorizing a bank transfer. The recipient thought it was a legit request from his CEO and processed it. Initiating the funds transfer into an unknown bank account. Very Scary.

7 Tips to increase security:

1. Never use email to send or process sensitive information or transactions. Think of email as sending the information on a post card for everyone to read the contents when it's traveling through the Internet.
2. ALWAYS use the telephone to qualify sensitive requests or transactions and make sure the request is real and not a scam.
3. Implement 2-factor or multi-factor authentication for as many websites that accept the higher security as possible.
4. Use a password generator and manager such as Roboform Everywhere. DO NOT use the same password on multiple websites, this way if there’s a breach, it’s easier to recover.
5. Change passwords with complex generated passwords at least every 90 days
6. If you use Microsoft Office 365, follow this guide from Microsoft
7. Use a reputable credit and identity theft monitoring service such as TransUnion True Identity

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