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Bash - Worse than Heartbleed

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Also called Shellshock, a new flaw has been discovered in the Unix Bash shell, and it's been around, undetected and unknown for years.  This problem is said to be worse and more pervasive than the Heartbleed Bug.

Bash exploits Linux systems by allowing a hacker's code to be executed.  Many servers, services and web-connected devices are run on Linux distributions with the Bash shell, including Mac OS X Mavericks.  Given how long it's been around, the hack is probably going to be found in unpatched systems for years to come, though Red Hat and Fedora have already released patches for the bug.  Apple is likely to release a patch for OS X soon as well.

While most devices and big websites probably won't be affected by Bash, it's likely that the hack is pervasive and will be around for a long time to come.  To find out if your Linux or Mac system or Linux-run devices are infected with this new menace, give us a call at 919-355-5545 or contact us through our website.