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Bad News for LastPass Users

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If a company's job is to keep passwords secure, you'd expect it to be even more secure than most other websites, right?  Unfortunately, LastPass was hacked.

LastPass is a cloud-based website that keeps your passwords secure.  Their user email addresses and password reminder as well as a few other things, but the company asserts that they have found no evidence of any encrypted information being compromised nor any user accounts accessed.  They do, however, suggest that their users update their passwords to be safe.

While the master passwords do not appear to have been compromised, you should probably update that as well, especially if your password was one you used on other websites or was close to it, or even if it was a relatively weak one in the first place.

As an added precaution, LastPass said that users logging in from a device or IP address they haven't previously used will be required to verify the change via email.

While that's a good move, many users are complaining that LastPass has not notified them of the breach and that they're only finding out through the news.  To make matters even worse, Last Pass's server is being overloaded, making it difficult for users to get on and make their changes.